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  • cre8audio NiftyBUNDLE
    At 84hp wide it isn’t super tiny or super huge, in fact, it’s just right for all of the cardboard boxes we bought to ship it to you in. Aside from the 84hp width NiftyCASE features ample +12v -12v and +5v power for your modules. It will also take Din MIDI from any DIN MIDI device and USB MIDI from your computer and turn it into eurorack compatible CV, gate, mod, and clock. It’s Nifty…..
    • NiftyCASE
    • 16x touch sensitive pads
    • 2x tune buttons
    • 2x CV outputs
    • Digital Doube Oscillator
    • 6x patch cables
    • 2x TE blank panels with cre8audio logo
    • Power Supply Adapter included
    1.995,00 DKK
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  • cre8audio NiftyCASE

    The Cre8audio NiftyCASE is a moderately sized euro rack case with HUGE possibilities! The NiftyCASE is a great place to start when building a stylish, portable eurorack system.

    • 2x cv/gate ud
    • Mod and clock udgange
    • Flying bus board with 10 connections
    • Power Supply Adapter included
    1.495,00 DKK -50,00 DKK
    1.445,00 DKK
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  • cre8audio Chipz - Dual VCO and LFO
    Old people will remember the sound of their Commodore, Atari, and NES systems
    • Dual VCO
    • Dual LFO
    • Sine, triangle, saw, square and noise waveforms
    • Piles of beeps and blops,
    760,00 DKK
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  • cre8audio Cellz - programmable CV touch pad
    Cellz is another wacky module from the deranged minds over at Cre8audio
    • CV touchpad and sequencer
    • dual unipolar control voltage generator
    • 16 touch pads
    760,00 DKK
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  • cre8audio Box 'o' Cables
    Cre8audio’s imaginatively named Box ‘O’ Cables is a simple bundle of patch cables
    • 2 x 45cm
    • 2 x 35cm
    • 2 x 20cm
    • 3.5mm mono jack
    115,00 DKK
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