On our webshop you can use the following payment methods:


Betalingskort betalingsmuligheder hos SoluNOiD.dk
The amount will only be deducted from your card when the goods are sent from modularsynth.dk or one of our partners. An amount greater than what you have approved at the time of purchase can never be deducted.

The transfer of your card information and the agreed purchase amount is done in encrypted form via our payment gateway at Quickpay. The Modularsynth.dk webshop does not store your information, and no fee are charged for payment on the webshop. You can choose whether you want to save your card information in the payment window. We do not have access to this information.

When encryption is used, you can see a padlock in the browser's address bar. This means that your information is protected from third parties.

You can not pay with gift cards / vouchers on modularsynth.dk

We also go very high in security, and therefore we also support both Verified by Visa
and MasterCard SecureCode payments, so that we have an extra guarantee that the
payment is made from the right person, and we can process the order with the highest
confidence in , that we are not subject to fraud.

Amounts over DKK 225.- are secured with 3D Secure, as the banking sector requires
webshops in Denmark to comply with the requirements for strong customer
authentication. 3D Secure means that you must approve the payment with an extra
security which, among other things, can be done with an SMS code sent to your phone,
which must be entered in the 3D Secure window that appears during the payment process.

You can read more about PSD2 at the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority here: https://finanstilsynet.dk/Lovgivning/Information-om-udvalgte-tilsynsomraader/Betalingstjenester-og-e-penge/Orientering-om-fortolkning-af-definitionen-kontooplysningstjenester

Bank Transfer (Wire transfer)
It is preferably companies with a valid VAT number who can use this form of payment. Items or license keys are only sent after the full amount has been received. This will naturally lead to a longer processing time of the order. There is basically payment immediately on bank transfer. Additional payment deadlines are agreed individually.

Public Customers
If you represent a public company/organization, you can of course shop with EAN at modularsynth.dk. You simply select "Pay with EAN" when you have to choose the payment method, and we will handle the order. We ship the item, and when it is shipped, you will also receive an EAN invoice via our accounting system. There is basically an 8-day payment deadline. But can be agreed individually.

Contact our customer service via contact us since el. 91 52 45 45 if you need help. We're ready to answer your call.

Payment providers

  • Our payment provider is Pensopay
  • Our payment gateway is Quickpay
  • Our redeems provider is Clearhaus

køb 3D Printere hos SoluNOiD.dk
køb 3D Printere hos SoluNOiD.dk

We also support installment payments with VIABILL.

ViaBill makes it possible to split your purchases into several smaller payments rather than paying it all at once. Purchases under DKK 2000.- / EUR 267.- are without interest and fees, which no longer only applies to 1 purchase, but you can now make more purchases of less than 2000.- and avoid interest and fees.

VIABILL also stores your card information so you do not have to search the whole
house to find your payment card when you make another purchase with ViaBill.
You can use ViaBill in more than 3,400 Danish webshops.

You will have access to My ViaBill once you have made your first purchase.
My ViaBill gives you an overview of your purchases, payments and account.

ViaBill as payment option: The amount due can only be paid with liberating effect
to ViaBill, which forwards a separate charge to your e-mail. Payment cannot be made
by set-off of claims arising from other legal matters.

If you have questions about delivery times and other things, write to us at
salg@modularsynth.dk - We respond as soon as possible and are not limited by opening hours

Do you need help?

Stephan Valkær

Tfl: +45 91 52 45 45 salg@modularsynth.dk