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Welcome to Denmarks most serious selection of eurorack modules, synthesizers, keyboards, cables and accessories with sharp prices and fast delivery.

Keyboards & Synthesizers

Eurorack modules, Synthesizers and Semi-modular synthesizers are available in all possible shades and sizes here in the shop. And if there is something in the pipeline that is worth keeping an eye on, we will do it. Our focus is on traditional synthesizers and keybards from well-known manufacturers such as MOOG, KORG, Yamaha, Roland, Arturia, Sequential & NORD. But are also aware of newcomers, and manufacturers who could go on to be a niche product.

Our main focus will also be Eurorack modules in typical 3U and 1U modules which have started to gain ground again, and there are many manufacturers on the field who both supply finished modules but also to a large extent DIY kits for much different prices, and an incredible number of distinctive features, sounds and parameters. Not to mention the infinite amount of combination possibilities between the modules and other instruments such as pads, groove boxes, samplers and expanders.

Brands that we are already bringing into the shop include: TipTop Audio, Erica Synths, Mutable Instruments, Qu-bit, 2hp, Endorhin.es, AJH Synth, Doepfer, Frap Tools, Make Noise, Noise Engineering, Analogue Systems, Black Market, Flame, Birdkids, Electrosmith, Vermona and many many more.

Cables, Cases & Accessories

A well-stocked store with many instruments and other electronic miracle boxes also includes a wide selection of diverse accessories.

Our selection of cables ranges from small adapters to cables used in modules and semi-modular synthesizer contexts, to MIDI, Instrument, Microphone, Speaker, patch, video, power cables and much more.

When talking about Eurorack, "Cases" are a very big part of the focus of this topic. No Eurorack module without having something to mount it in. It can be an old suitcase, a flight case or a home-built wooden box. These cases are available in more or less aesthetic designs or very nice boxes made of the finest wood, and in a processing that is absolutely fantastic. In addition, a really good power supply which does not bother with a background noise or an electric hum, and provides the necessary power to be able to operate your entire Eurorack setup.

In addition to these Eurorack cases, you will also be able to find a wide range of other cases for instruments, pads, DJ equipment, Light and sound, and much more. And should there be something you can not find, then we are no further away than an email or phone call. And it would be strange if we, through our large dealer network, were not able to obtain what you are looking for.