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  • Erica Synths Black CV Processor

    Erica Black CV Processor allows you to manage CV signal levels and polarity.

    • CV/audio signal attenuverter/booster
    • CV/audio signal offset
    • Direct and inverted signal outputs
    • Bicolour LED for signal state
    • Diode protection on reversed power supply
    725,00 DKK
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  • Erica Synths Black Stereo Mixer V3
    Black Stereo Mixer is just what you need, if your setup has several nowadays gaining popularity modules with stereo inputs or outputs
    • 4x stereo inputs with simultaneous volume adjustment on both channels
    • 2 inputs with L and R channel merge feature Selectable +6dB boost for IN1 and IN2 L and R outputs Signal level LEDs
    1.235,00 DKK
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  • Erica Synths Pico Mixer
    Pico Mixer is simple 3 channel DC coupled mixer intended to mix AUDIO SIGNALS AND CV SIGNALS in order to obtain complex modulations. Also it may serve as CV AND AUDIO attenuator.
    • 3 inputs 
    • Diode protection against overvoltage
    440,00 DKK
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  • Erica Synths Pico Scale

    Erica Synths Pico SCALE module allows you to manipulate audio or CV signals – attenuate, boost, invert and offset – in order to achieve interesting modulation effects.

    • Signal attenuation and boosting (up to gain 2)
    • Signal inverting
    • Signal offset by +-5V
    • Bicolour signal level LED


    340,00 DKK
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  • TipTop Audio MIX7 - Analog Summing Mixer
    Analog summin mixer
    • Analogue mixer
    • Mixes 7 inputs together to one output
    • Suitable for adding audio, CV and trigger signals
    • Low-noise circuit design
    • A lot of headroom for high-grade Eurorack signals
    675,00 DKK
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Attenuators are usually passive devices made from simple voltage divider networks. Switching between different resistances forms adjustable stepped attenuators and continuously adjustable ones using potentiometers. For higher frequencies precisely matched low VSWR resistance networks are used.

Fixed attenuators in circuits are used to lower voltage, dissipate power, and to improve impedance matching. In measuring signals, attenuator pads or adapters are used to lower the amplitude of the signal a known amount to enable measurements, or to protect the measuring device from signal levels that might damage it. Attenuators are also used to 'match' impedance by lowering apparent SWR (Standing Wave Ratio).

Audio Attenuators

A line-level attenuator in the preamp or a power attenuator after the power amplifier uses electrical resistance to reduce the amplitude of the signal that reaches the speaker, reducing the volume of the output. A line-level attenuator has lower power handling, such as a 1/2-watt potentiometer or voltage divider and controls preamp level signals, whereas a power attenuator has higher power handling capability, such as 10 watts or more, and is used between the power amplifier and the speaker.

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