Befaco Knurlies - Eurorack M3 Rack Screws 100 pcs. pack


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BE FA CO Modular

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100 of our unique screws designed specifically for Eurorack. These M3 screws can be secured manually, all standard screwdrivers and Allen key. These are great for saving time by rearranging your synth.

Each Knurlie comes with a mounted plastic disc to prevent rack rash (marks on the front plate of your module)

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BE FA CO Modular

15 på lager

Pack of 100 pcs. Knurlies - Eurorack M3 Rack screws

  • Avoid "Rack Rash" on your modules
  • Easy to assemble without the use of tools
  • Quickly move around modules in the rack
  • Plastic disc pre-assembled

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